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HousingPanda's AI concierge help me found a reliable tenant for my studio. It’s great that they carefully verify each sublet applicant.

Lily Wang

Graduate Student at Columbia University


HousingPanda found a perfect guest for me when I sublet my apartment over the summer. They find high quality professional interns as guests.

Teresa Li

Undergraduate Student at New York University


HousingPanda's AI-powered platform made my search for a summer tenant super easy. Thanks for a hassle-free service.

John Zhang

Undergraduate Student at SVA


Yes! HousingPanda is primarily a tool for you to find an occupant, not for turning your apartment into a business. So long as you inform your landlord as to the guest who will be staying, either by adding them as an occupant or by subletting your apartment, you will be on great terms with your landlord!

Depending on the circumstances, it may make more sense to add your guest as an occupant, rather than going through a full sublease. In order to do so, you will need to send an email to your building manager asking to add your guest as an occupant to your apartment, and they will send you further instructions on how to do so.

Yes. HousingPanda is 100% legal in NYC and other cities that have implemented Short Term Rental restrictions. “In New York City, the term 'short-term rental' refers to renting for any period shorter than 30 days” (https://www.nyc.gov/site/specialenforcement/stay-in-the-know/about-illegal-short-term-rentals.page) while HousingPanda only allows for rentals 30 days or more, otherwise known as “medium-term rentals.” If you list your apartment on HousingPanda, unlike platforms like Airbnb, VRBO and Booking.com, there’s absolutely no way for you to be in violation of laws regarding short term rentals.

You’re covered by the guest’s security deposit, and HousingPanda will act as a mediator in the event of any dispute between you and your guest. We can charge their card as a penalty for damage or uncleanliness to cover any expenses associated with their stay.

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